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free range unicorn is the
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Make selling your new love language. Seriously! Coaching consults with Free Range Unicorn will help you move through the fear of making an offer. Our goal is to help you to fall so deeply in love with the gifts you possess, that you can’t help but shout from the mountaintops “I AM THE SECRET SAUCE!”  We focus on your offerings in our very first call.

becomE an online superstar - KIND OF

You don’t have to be Justin Bieber to be seen, heard, and adored by your very own set of raving fans on social media and beyond. Intentionally streamlining the look, feel, and message of your brand helps your people to find you, love you, and best of all, work with you. Stop stress-eating over learning how to design Canva templates and let’s chat.


Ready to make the easy button your b!t@h!? I know, strong language alert… but do you know what is the #1 thing burning the candle at both ends? A business without automated sequences to connect with leads, collect money, send emails sequences and schedule social posts. Let’s rock n roll with a system built to fit YOUR needs.

More About d-money

a little bit hippie
a little bit witchy &
a whole lotta unicorn!

Is it necessary to hire full time employees to manage complex projects while you strive to scale? No way!

So many small-medium sized businesses struggle because they are spending too much of their time fulfilling orders, juggling marketing content and managing mundane tasks. When the day is done, creativity becomes burn-out.

Enter in: the Free Range Unicorn AKA D-Money AKA Danyeezie AKA Danielle Codere, a majestic swirl of skill and strategic solutions with sprinkles on top.

Danielle’s 15+ years of experience is within the holy trinity of business: sales, marketing and service. This gives your brand the insider’s scoop.

Danielle is also deeply in tune with the spiritual realm and her intuition. She often uses astrology and the divination of card reading to assist clients on their path to excellence.

love notes from Unicorn Land

love notes from Unicorn Land

feeling a little lost & not sure where to begin?

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Understanding where to start can be the hardest part.

Have no fear, your unicorn is here!

Schedule a call, and let’s end your stall, because re-imaging your brand… can be a ball!

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